SafeOnline Women Kenya (SOW-Kenya)

Empowering Women and Girls, Ensuring Online Safety


Welcome to SafeOnline Women Kenya (SOW-Kenya), where we are forging a safer, more inclusive digital world for women and girls to explore, connect, and thrive without fear. Our vision is a Kenya where every woman and girl can confidently navigate the online world, harnessing the internet’s full potential to learn, connect, and prosper, within a digital space that is inclusive, respectful, and secure for all. Our mission is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore, connect, and thrive online, free from the shadow of harassment, discrimination, or violence.


We combat online gender-based violence and offer a secure refuge for women and girls on the internet.

We empower women and girls in Kenya by providing digital literacy education, offering a supportive community platform, advocating for change in online safety policies, and developing a dedicated mobile app designed to address their unique needs and challenges.


Our initiatives are designed to empower women and girls with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to navigate the online realm with confidence.

Our work is driven by the belief that change is possible when individuals and organizations come together to address the challenges women and girls face online.


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